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Sensory needs covered

Sensory needs covered

By Danielle Kutchel

A Berwick business with inclusion at its heart is making it easier for families to find the sensory tools and toys their kids need.

Sensory Poodle opened at the beginning of 2021 and was founded by Caitlin and Vicki, the parent and grandparent of two autistic kids.

Caitlin said she had struggled in the past to find sensory toys for her son locally.

“He was a chewer, but there was nothing around,” she said.

“I had to buy him a dog chew at one point. When you need something like that, you need it now.”

When her son started school last year, she realised just how many other children and families there were in the same situation.

Sensory Poodle opened online in February and caters to special needs and gifted children.

It also supplies sensory equipment to schools.

So far, it’s received positive feedback from local parents.

“A lot of special needs kids are not coping during lockdown and need support, and we’ve been able to provide that,” Caitlin explained.

“I hope we’ve filled some sort of local gap.”

Caitlin also recommended that families find a support system to help them through the pandemic and beyond with any challenges they might face in raising special needs children.

Find out more at sensorypoodle.com.au.

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