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Lavender Soak

Lavender Soak

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We’ve harnessed the power of nature in this blend of tranquility trinity (salt, essential oils and dried flowers), to make spa retreats accessible right at your home.

Keep your skin feeling clean, supple and blemish-free while enjoying a relaxing bath ritual perfect for soothing tired muscles and drawing toxins away from your body.

Our 100% natural product helps prepare you for sleep or supercharge your after-work pamper time without the fuss.

How to use: Prepare a hot bath and pour about 50 grams of this bath soak recipe. Rest your worries away and spend some time all to yourself. Play your favourite tunes, read a book, or simply have a relaxing nap.

Ingredients: Epsom and pink himalayan salt, organic lavender and chamomile petals with lavender essential oil.

Weight: 150g

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